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Last Night I Dreamt

Anyone who has lived with me, knows that the answer to the question “Why are you up so early?”, is almost categorically going to be, “I haven’t been to sleep yet.” That is what happened last night, I didn’t sleep but I most certainly dreamt. I dreamt of selling all of my worldly possessions and heading off on a Round the World Trip.

I dreamt of heading off to Europe to visit the friends I made during my foreign exchange at Humboldt, to see their hometowns, to travel through ancient cities with modern innovations. Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain, just to name a few. And just like the school yard game; England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, inside, on. I would get dual citizenship, thanks to my father who is still a British citizen, so that if necessary I could work in Britain without a problem. While in Europe I’d hop over the Mediterranean Sea and visit Nidham in Tunisia.

I dreamt of going to South America, a dream I didn’t realise while studying in the States. I dreamt of trekking the Inca Trail, sailing down the Amazon, learning to dance the tango, salsa and mambo. Attempt to learn Spanish again. I gave up on studying in a formal setting, perhaps I’d be more successful during a homestay in Chile or Peru or Costa Rica. Perhaps I’ll go there in 2014, for either the Olympics or World Cup both being held in Brazil.

I dreamt of seeing China, keeping my promise to a fellow international student and friend. She spoke so fondly of her hometown Xi’an. But I want to see the bigger cities and the smaller villages, as well. I want to learn about China’s long history and deep nationalism.

I dreamt of cramming myself into Japan.

I dreamt of teaching English.

I dreamt of eating recipes handed down for generations.

I dreamt of setting foot in every continent.

I dreamt of swimming in every ocean.

I dreamt of returning to the four countries I’ve already been to: Thailand, Vietnam, India and the United States. To see new things with old eyes, and old things with new eyes.

I am still dreaming.


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