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Last Night I Dreamt

Anyone who has lived with me, knows that the answer to the question “Why are you up so early?”, is almost categorically going to be, “I haven’t been to sleep yet.” That is what happened last night, I didn’t sleep but I most certainly dreamt. Continue reading


Things I Miss, Unexpectedly

I miss playing Scrabble with my mum.
I miss late night shopping.
I miss Richard Mercer.
I miss watching television with someone.
I miss short shorts, summer dresses, floral skirts, and straw hats.
I miss sport. Not playing it, but watching it.
I miss my sister.
I miss how a seven hour drive at home means seeing my gorgeous nephews face, fingers and feet.

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On Philadelphia

I arrived in Philadelphia on the 15th, as a stopover on the way to New York, where I am headed today. I booked my flight to Philadelphia a few months ago. It was a decision based on many factors; financially, it was cheaper to fly into Philly, stay there a few nights and bus it up to NYC; socially, I had met a pair of siblings on my trip to Yosemite who lived across the river in New Jersey; and timing, most people I know heading to NYC weren’t going to be there until the 21st but I had promised to drive Courtney and Kelly to San Francisco on the 14th and I couldn’t expect to stay with Mercedes for a week because she had finals. Continue reading