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Passion For The Process

Until recently I’ve never really been asked, expected or felt like I needed to search for my true passion. I was always praised for my natural intellect and believed that would carry me through life. Well, I’m 24 and so far my life hasn’t panned out how I expected it to when I was in school. And I’ve come to the realisation that while I got good grades throughout my schooling, I never really learnt anything, least of all about myself.

I think my journey of discovery began when I started university. And now I’m at the point where I am aware of my strengths, weaknesses, values, passions, goals and failures, and I’ve spent a lot of time reading articles and watching videos, focused on finding your purpose in life and following your dreams. I believe that this introspection has made me aware of the components of living a purposeful life. So I’m writing this now as a way to condense the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the last few years. To help others continue or redirect themselves down the right path and as a reminder to myself if I think I’ve lost my way. Continue reading