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Last Night I Dreamt

Anyone who has lived with me, knows that the answer to the question “Why are you up so early?”, is almost categorically going to be, “I haven’t been to sleep yet.” That is what happened last night, I didn’t sleep but I most certainly dreamt. Continue reading

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Travelling is the Hardest Part of Travelling

I know a lot of people will disagree but I don’t believe that the journey is always more important than the destination. I think that travelling to, from and between destinations is the worst part of travelling, unless the way you are getting somewhere is part of the experience of the travelling you are doing. Continue reading

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Home to Hotel

I like the end of Daylight Savings because I like gaining that extra hour of sleep. You would think then that I would have loved gaining a day. My flight to the US departed Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport on Thursday and arrived at Los Angeles International Airport earlier that morning. It was a 14 hour flight that took me back three hours due to crossing the International Date Line. I didn’t like it one bit, because unlike the end of daylight savings, you have to stay awake for nearly a whole extra day. Continue reading