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And So The Story Ends

When I leave the United States tomorrow, I will have hardly enough money to pay for my excess luggage. But as corny and cliché as it sounds, I will be richer in many, more important ways. Continue reading

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My American Sit-Com Moment: The Story of Ranjit

After the Laker’s game (that they won), we were all really hungry. We went across the street to Nokia Plaza where there are a handful of restaurants. They all seemed rather expensive. So we wandered further down the road. As we went along there were fewer and fewer options. We turned down a street and Helen asked some locals for a recommendation. They said there was a Japanese restaurant on the next street corner. It smelt amazing but when we went inside we were told that they were closed. So I got out my phone and started searching for another restaurant. I found quite a few Korean BBQ restaurants and a smattering of Thai and Indian cuisine. None of which were in walking distance. So we called a cab.

It took a while for the taxi to arrive because it was a Friday night and we needed a mini-van because there were 5 of us. A few other taxis stopped while we waited but none of us wanted to break the law. At 11pm, after about 20 minutes of waiting, our cab arrived. The driver was really friendly. Charlotte sat in the front and asked him 21 questions, typical journalist. She found out that he was an Iranian immigrant and was currently studying Psychology at University. Continue reading