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Near Death Experience

On the way to Los Angeles I realised that I had left all of my insulin in Arcata. In case you don’t know, insulin is what processes carbohydrates into energy, but in the case of a Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetic, like myself, this needs to be administered in the form of multiple daily injections or an insulin pump. I figured that I had enough in my pump to last me until I got home. So I would just need to get mum to make me an appointment with the local doctor on the day I arrived home.

I forgot to ask mum to make an appointment. Continue reading

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What a Mad Day!

So today I discovered the worst thing to have to do hungover. Change an insulin pump infusion set. Somehow, when I changed mine earlier today, the cannula that sits under the skin, went in with a ninety degree bend in it. I then had a nap and missed a few hours worth of alarms telling me that there was no insulin delivery. Continue reading